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About Us

Partners are:

Gabor Barsai: President and Project Manager;


Alonzo Lipscomb: Business and Operations Manager; Master in Business Management from Franklin University and Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies from the Ohio State University.



From ACSM 2004, Nashville, TN conference: Business GIS: Applicable and Obtainable (download in pdf form)

From ASPRS 2006, San Antonio, TX conference: Matching Features using Fourier descriptors (download in pdf form)

From ISPRS 2008, Beijing, China conference: A View-Geometric approach to view and occlusion invariant shape Recognition and retrieval (download in pdf form) From ASPRS 2009, Baltimore, MD conference: Object recognition using angles in the projective plane (download in pdf form)


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601 Chestnut St
Big Rapids, MI 49307